Wednesday, April 1, 2009


the berds r bak. thay r robns. robns r sily, sez momy. thay hav fat belys.

fat, joocee belys. and i wan to eet them.

momy azkd me wat i wud do with won if i cot it. she azkd if i wud lik it for owrs. i dont no y she thot that...i lik her for owers bcuz i lik her, not cuz i wan to eet her.

i wud eet that fat robn and it wud be very very yumy.

in the last morning, wen the sun was comin up, i saw the robns on the owtsid gras neer the upstayrs-mans car. ther was thre of them, hopin arownd my windo. i yeld at them im gona eet u!!! but they jus kepd hopin. so i thot if i pushd hard enuf on the windo that it wud fall owt! so i put my paws on it and pushd reeeeeeel hard... and ther was a pop! and i thot i pushd it in, but i didnt cuz there was mor windo undr that one.

the robns flapd away, an momy got up. she lokd funy in her jamys with her fase al mesd up. she askd wat i was doin, and she sed i brok the plaztik on her windo, but thas ok cuz she will fiks it with tape. then the robns cam bak and i yeld mor. mumy lafd.

i wil eet al the robns. al of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#E

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