Thursday, October 15, 2009


im still here. mommy hasnt let me be on the laptop much because it was warm so i napped on it, and she got mad. but i am back now.

mom and i went to se nanny for a while. mom had to go look after a baby. i stayed at other nans and it was really cool because i got petted a lot and got lots of treats.

but then mommy was sad, and started staying home every day when we got back. uncle adam came over sometimes, but mommy was still sad... dont know why tho. mommy should be happy staying home with me all the time. im very very happy she is, because i can sleep on her lap all the time.

mommy is at uncle adams right now, but i should go soon incase she gets home and is mad that im using her laptop.

ill rite a letter again soon!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


it is raining. i dont like the rain, even tho when it rains the burds come out mor. rain maks it cold in the howse becuz the sun dosnt shine in.

momy leeves her lap top on mor when shes at work so i hav been reeding som things about pigs that are sick and stuff. glad i'm not a pig. or a peple, cuz they get sick from the pigs to. i dont reely undrstand why that is.

momy was at unkle adams all weekend becuz she was looking after pixee. pixee is ant katees dog. momy said that she had to look after pixee wile ant katee is gone camping. i don't reely know why a persun wood do that... momy says camping is when you go into the woods and sleep in a tent, which is like a big blanket with a stick in the midel holding it up so you dont get rained on. i did that once... i slept outside. i didnt reely like it tho, and there was sno outside while momy was gone... why wood someone sleep outside when theres sno? sounds silly.

momy came home last night and brot unkle adam to visit me. they went for a walk, but i was mad becuz when they left the people in the other howses started blowing things up, and they made lowd banging noyses and brite flashy lites. i didnt like that, cuz it was scary. but then momy and unkle adam came home. momy went to bed cuz she had to go to stoopid work today, but unkle adam staied awake with me and we watched the tv.

now its still raining, i think... its still all grey like litter outside, and its cold in the howse. i hope momy comes home soon... she has a warm tummy.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


momy is goin to see nana today, but i am not goin. i am stayn here to tak care of the hows. i am sad that momy wil be gon for so long, but unkl adam wil be comin to see me, so thas ok, i gess. i wantd to go see nana, but it is a long trip, and i dont lik the car. it is lowd and it movs and i dont lik it.
unkl adam betr bring treets.

momy is comin hom for lunch so i wil say byby to her then, but i wil be mad.

i hop she coms hom soon.

Friday, April 3, 2009


i dont lik mumys werk. mumy doznt com hom frum werk til laet a lot. she sez tomoro she has to werk agen, teechin pepul to do c p r and how to do fursdayd. i dont no wat that is.

it raynd al day today. ther r som berds owt now lukin for werms. im guna go wach them. then im guna mak mumy go to bedtim.

mumy neds mor sleeps. she shud nap with me on the cowch mor.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


the berds r bak. thay r robns. robns r sily, sez momy. thay hav fat belys.

fat, joocee belys. and i wan to eet them.

momy azkd me wat i wud do with won if i cot it. she azkd if i wud lik it for owrs. i dont no y she thot that...i lik her for owers bcuz i lik her, not cuz i wan to eet her.

i wud eet that fat robn and it wud be very very yumy.

in the last morning, wen the sun was comin up, i saw the robns on the owtsid gras neer the upstayrs-mans car. ther was thre of them, hopin arownd my windo. i yeld at them im gona eet u!!! but they jus kepd hopin. so i thot if i pushd hard enuf on the windo that it wud fall owt! so i put my paws on it and pushd reeeeeeel hard... and ther was a pop! and i thot i pushd it in, but i didnt cuz there was mor windo undr that one.

the robns flapd away, an momy got up. she lokd funy in her jamys with her fase al mesd up. she askd wat i was doin, and she sed i brok the plaztik on her windo, but thas ok cuz she will fiks it with tape. then the robns cam bak and i yeld mor. mumy lafd.

i wil eet al the robns. al of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#E

Thursday, March 26, 2009


i luv my momy. ther wuz somthin in the windo tonite, and it skaerd me, so momy pikt me up and hugd me til i wasnt skaerd no mor.

momy is sad tho. she sayz she is very very tird, so we are going to bedtim urly tonite.

momy wil be hapy when it is sumrtim agen. she liks sun and warm lik me. i hop she is hapy agen when she waks up. unkl adam mite com viset tomoro and she is hapy when he is here. i lik unkl adam cuz he is warm and squishy.

bedtims now. luv relly!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


momy left her computr trnd on.

i am hom now al bi myself. somtims it is nice bcuz i lay on the cowch and nap til mom coms hom.

i lik the sun wen it coms in the windo bcuz it is warm and it maks my fur fel nice and soft.

i want to go and c the owtsid place. momy doznt want me to. i think she is afraed that i wod run awae and get lost and not com hom. at the old hows, somtims momy wod tak me to the owtsid place and i would snif the gras. i likd the gras, but the owtsid noys skard me and i wod want to run. i dont think momy hears the owtside noys.

i am gon bak to slep for a bit i hop wen i wak up momy coms home!

luv relly