Thursday, March 26, 2009


i luv my momy. ther wuz somthin in the windo tonite, and it skaerd me, so momy pikt me up and hugd me til i wasnt skaerd no mor.

momy is sad tho. she sayz she is very very tird, so we are going to bedtim urly tonite.

momy wil be hapy when it is sumrtim agen. she liks sun and warm lik me. i hop she is hapy agen when she waks up. unkl adam mite com viset tomoro and she is hapy when he is here. i lik unkl adam cuz he is warm and squishy.

bedtims now. luv relly!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


momy left her computr trnd on.

i am hom now al bi myself. somtims it is nice bcuz i lay on the cowch and nap til mom coms hom.

i lik the sun wen it coms in the windo bcuz it is warm and it maks my fur fel nice and soft.

i want to go and c the owtsid place. momy doznt want me to. i think she is afraed that i wod run awae and get lost and not com hom. at the old hows, somtims momy wod tak me to the owtsid place and i would snif the gras. i likd the gras, but the owtsid noys skard me and i wod want to run. i dont think momy hears the owtside noys.

i am gon bak to slep for a bit i hop wen i wak up momy coms home!

luv relly

Monday, March 23, 2009



my nam is sorrelle. my frends cal me relly. momy cals me al sorts of things like relly-roo and shmoopie and baby girl.

i am a cat. i live in a place that is kind of under grownd, but is also a howse.

i ust to live in som not so nice places, but momy decydid to bring me hom one day, and we live togethr now. i like my home cuz its warm.

momy has somthing caled a blog and somtims i say hi to her frends with it, so i thot i shuld hav my own. i have been lerning how to us my paws to tipe and i am doing very gud. momy sed shed giv me this blog so i can tak about things wile she is at her werk. i dont like her werk somtims becuz she gos away for a long time. but then she coms home and i sleep on her lap

lots of things hapen wile im at home and momys not here so im going to tak abowt them becuz momy always asks how my day is. she thinks i sleep on the cowch al day. shes wrong!!!

! this one is the onle one i can do and QQQ somtims. i am lerning mor big letrs.

i wil tak mor latr, rite now is nap tim!!!

by evrybudy!

luv relly