Wednesday, March 25, 2009


momy left her computr trnd on.

i am hom now al bi myself. somtims it is nice bcuz i lay on the cowch and nap til mom coms hom.

i lik the sun wen it coms in the windo bcuz it is warm and it maks my fur fel nice and soft.

i want to go and c the owtsid place. momy doznt want me to. i think she is afraed that i wod run awae and get lost and not com hom. at the old hows, somtims momy wod tak me to the owtsid place and i would snif the gras. i likd the gras, but the owtsid noys skard me and i wod want to run. i dont think momy hears the owtside noys.

i am gon bak to slep for a bit i hop wen i wak up momy coms home!

luv relly

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