Thursday, October 15, 2009


im still here. mommy hasnt let me be on the laptop much because it was warm so i napped on it, and she got mad. but i am back now.

mom and i went to se nanny for a while. mom had to go look after a baby. i stayed at other nans and it was really cool because i got petted a lot and got lots of treats.

but then mommy was sad, and started staying home every day when we got back. uncle adam came over sometimes, but mommy was still sad... dont know why tho. mommy should be happy staying home with me all the time. im very very happy she is, because i can sleep on her lap all the time.

mommy is at uncle adams right now, but i should go soon incase she gets home and is mad that im using her laptop.

ill rite a letter again soon!!

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